This was my first time joining Daytona Supercar Club on a breakfast run. So naturally, I wanted to see what sets this car club apart from others.

We met at 6am at the Daytona Dealership in Melrose Arch to leave at 7am. If I’ve learnt anything about time during my years working with Daytona, they ARE punctual. So I made sure I was there on time.

Upon arrival, I first ran straight in to Naked Coffee to warm my body up. While enjoying our cappuccinos, the participants mingled. Due to DSC being a closed car club, it was nice to see how everyone knew each other and interacted with each other on a personal level. The new participants were introduced personally. Nothing beats that personal touch.

After grabbing some pictures of the cars, I transferred all my photography gear into my “camera car for the day. ” I was first told that we were going to use an Aston Martin Vantage, but I ended up in a much different car – The 911 Turbo S.

I was piloted by Kuba in the 911 Turbo S and I immediately got to see a whole new side of him. I don’t know if it was the R300 000 Akrapovic Exhaust system that brought out the kid in him with trying to get it to crackle every few meters or if it was just the brutal acceleration. Doing rolling shots from the Turbo S was extremely tricky because of the massive arches and neck breaking acceleration. Nevertheless, we both thoroughly enjoyed the Turbo S. Although, I think Kuba may want to buy one after having so much fun in it. (Yes, there’s a video coming soon!)

The route was meticulously planned to the finest detail to get the best possible open roads with no potholes and minimal traffic lights. That was the real blessing of this run.

Our end point was Geek House Eatery in Pretoria who had specially opened up to host the DSC on a Sunday morning. They served us with a specially set menu. I have to throw in that they made the best white hot chocolate.

To conclude, after our breakfast, the members from Daytona took the university students for drives in the supercars. They had a choice between the 911 Turbo S and a McLaren 720s. If you ask me, that’s pretty epic cars to go in for your first supercar experience. The reactions from the students were just incredible to see. Smiles from ear to ear from every one of them.

So what set this run apart? The meticulous planning
And I’ll say it again, nothing beats that personal touch.

Was it worth waking up on a cold winters morning instead of staying in bed watching some Netflix? Absolutely!

Photography by Life About Cars partner – (YES Digital)


Start Point:

On the road:

Arrival at End Point:

Geek House Eatery:

Student drives & cars leaving:

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