Not your usual ”breakfast run”…

The ”Nik-Car” Breakfast Run was something definitely out of the ordinary. Lets first breakdown the name. “Nik-Car” comes from the Arabic word Nikkah, which refers to the contract of marriage under Islaamic Law. So what exactly was this breakfast run?

The man behind this, Irfaan from The Automologist, had just gotten married on the Saturday before (6th March 2021) and hosted this run on Sunday, 7th March 2021. Yes, you probably thinking what I was thinking… Is this guy crazy to have a breakfast run straight after his wedding?

Well, not really. Let me explain why.

The breakfast run was for his petrolhead friends to enjoy a last send off before we never see him again. No, I’m joking. The run was actually to leave our friend and his wife off at their honeymoon destination which was close-by to Hartbeespoort.

It was incredible to see this different way to celebrate your wedding by including cars. Mr Irfaan drove the Nissan GTR R35 to his honeymoon. If you ask me, that’s pretty awesome. One of the M3’s had wedding ribbons on it as well – this couldn’t be a cooler send off into a marriage.

Start point

The run started from Total Xavier, where we gathered a pretty impressive line-up of cars.

Quick stop

We later departed and made our way to Hartbeespoort. Of course we had to stop on the bridge for mandatory pictures of our cars.

End point

Upon arrival at the end location in Hartbeespoort, Irfaan’s family were kind to provide us with a delicious food pack.

Images by YE

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