The new Toyota Supra and BMW M4 has a rather significant power difference between them of almost 68 kW (91 HP) despite them both having a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline 6 engine. With that big margin of power difference, you’d easily say that the M4 will be able to win this race. Well, maybe, if this Toyota Supra was stock.

To make the race a bit more even, thee guys over at Carwow have used a modified Supra to bring the power scales to a more even playing field.

The standard 3.0 liter Supra produces 254 kW (340 HP) and 500 N.m. However, thanks to Evolve Automotive’s modifications of a new carbon air intake, exhaust system and ECU tune, it now produces 328 kW (440 HP) and 678 N.m of torque. Oh, and the new exhaust system definitely sounds the part.

The BMW M4, according to the spec sheet, produces 321 kW (431 HP) and 550 N.m of torque and is about 75 kg heavier than the Supra.

We can ramble on about the specs of the cars and how they compare on paper, but it’s mostly never the same in reality. Watch the video below to see how these 2 cars compare on the tarmac in a race.

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