The Seat Leon FR which appears now and then on our Instagram page finally got the TLC it deserved. The car is well looked after, but over time, we can expect wear and tear to occur.

Before we sent the car, we removed all the decals and little accents as they were worn out – That’s why it looks different.

The 10-year old car had scratches and swirl marks. Dirt and grime was lodged in many places. The thing that irked me most, was the wheels. The wheels were stained with dirt on the inside.

When collecting the car, my first reaction was, “I haven’t seen this car; this clean; for a seriously long time!” Shine Car Care took care of all the dirt, stains etc throughout the car. SEAT’s are notorious for the water stains on its roof lining, but the roof is finally clean on this car.

A big thanks to Shine Car Care for making my car look almost new!

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