Chapter 11 was the final run that marked the end of 2018 hosted by SA Torque on Sunday, 9 September.

We gathered at The View Cafe in Bedfordview. Upon entry, my attention was immediately drawn to one of the most epic looking M3 Competitions finished in San Marino Blue. Approximately 150 cars showed up at the starting point. There was a great array of cars. From awesome looking 7R’s to a limited edition supercar. That limited edition supercar was the 50th anniversary McLaren Mp4-12c. Yes, thats 1 of only 100 cars was ever made.

Of course, there were some awesome cars that grabbed my attention.

  • The 50th anniversary Mp4-12c
  • A stunning green RS3
  • A VW Beetle
  • An awesome collection of Golf 7R’s and 7 GTI’s
  • A lovely grey C63 AMG
  • The menacing C63 Black Series
  • A San Marino Blue M3 Competition
  • A Green M3
  • A Toyota Supra
  • A Porsche GT3

The run proceeded to Key West mall in Krugersdorp. I took the Seat Leon FR for the run, and my word, I forgot how much fun that car was to drive. About 5 of us got split up from the rest of the convoy, that meant I could play around with an A45, RS3, C63 etc. Even though I was not in the fastest car, I had a ton of fun.

Batch 1 of 4

Batch 2 of 4

Batch 3 of 4

Batch 4 of 4

Unfortunately the lighting conditions at Key West Mall were not the best, therefore the pictures did not come out so great.