SA Torque Chapter 10

Let’s start from the day before the run…

The weather was absolutely horrible. It stormed continuously to a point where I ended up washing my car inside my garage praying that the rain would stop so I could have a clean car for the next day. Well, I was wrong…

Sunday, October 14th – My day started around 5am, my usual time to awaken for breakfast runs. I sat in bed for the next hour trying to figure out whether the run was cancelled or not.

We later left my house and proceeded to the new meeting place in Bedfordview. Unfortunately not many cars turned up compared to previous runs but it sure made my task of taking pictures of all the cars a hell of a lot easier. Scuffling through the rain, I managed to capture all the cars this time thankfully.

Before departing we had a funny encounter where a Nissan GTR needed a jump start.

Departing for our journey to Key West Mall, a slow run ensured. Even though we couldn’t have any “fun” as the roads were wet, it certainly made for some awesome photo opportunities.

We were greeted with fog on our arrival at Key West Mall. That meant, getting out of the car and capturing some cool pictures.

The dedicated covered parking came in handy for us to stay out of the rain. Unfortunately, it did hamper with the picture quality.

An awesome breakfast run hosted by SA Torque once again.

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