The debut of the McLaren Senna GTR occurred in Geneva alongside its more toned down brother, the Senna. McLaren showed us how incredible the Senna is, however, they decided to show us a more hardcore version as well, the Senna GTR. McLaren gave us a whole new insight towards their cars and claimed that this will be their fastest car outside of F1 –  “it will be the most extreme McLaren ever”.

The Senna GTR is expected to push out 825hp and up to 1,000kg of downforce. However, we will only get to know the exact specs from McLaren later in the year.

According to Autocar, McLaren had over 150 people who showed interest in purchasing the £1.2 million limited production hypercar. However, McLaren only plans to build 75 examples of the Senna GTR and all are already sold out. All units will be assembled by hand in Working, England.

McLaren showed us a near-production prototype of the Senna GTR in Geneva. The Senna GTR will receive a much larger front splitter for increased aerodynamics, an enhanced cooling system, race-style transmission system, revised double-wishbone suspension and a new wheel design developed specifically for circuit use. It will also have an advanced adjustable traction control system, similar to the one used in the P1 GTR.

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