The Sixth Chapter – SA Torque hosted another successful breakfast run and this time it was from Bedfordview to Lanseria. This is the third run of theirs that I attended and I can confidently say that they hit the ball out of the park with this run.

I left my home at around 6am and piloted our TT to the start point. Since I did not take it with on the run, I decided to enjoy the drivers seat on the way to the start point.

Approximately 300 cars showed up filling the entire parking space that was available at the start point. From JDM tuners to super car owners, everyone came together to show their passion. I personally love seeing modified cars and this run definitely didn’t disappoint me. Of the 300 cars that pitched up, the car to mention that stole everyone’s attention was a green Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Upon the many cool cars there was a yellow GT3 RS, 991.2 GT3, a brand new RS5 and TTRS finished in superb colours. We were later joined by an Evo and it was just beautiful.

I later joined Muazzam from The Automotive Life who was kind enough to offer me a seat in his Porsche Panamera. The company and drive was fantastic but unfortunately the Panamera doesn’t make a great camera car to do rolling shots due to its small windows.

The Fat Olive – It was incredible seeing more cars join us at the end point. Overall the run was well executed. I will definitely be attending another run!

My pictures from the run is available on SA Torque’s Facebook page. Be sure to check it out!

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