South Africa has been getting a lot of test cars recently and this time a few Porsche’s as well as a Honda NSX was caught being tested in Durban. We have no clue as to why the NSX is here as well, however it is possible that its here for gauging purposes.

The Porsche fleet consisted of a 911 which is rumoured to be called a 992, a Boxster Spyder, a 718 Cayman S, a Targa, a 718 Boxster, a Cayman GT4 and the most notable; a 718 Cayman GT4.

The “718 Cayman GT4” appears to have the same headlights and taillights as those of the GTS . However, visual cues that suggests its a GT4 and not a GTS is its fixed rear wing, a big angry looking diffuser with two large exhausts and the front sports a redesigned bumper with enlarged air vents that provides better cooling. We can also expect a re-tuned suspension, bespoke alloy wheels and upgraded brakes.

The 718 Cayman GT4 is expected to receive the same 4.0 liter engine which is found in the GT3 but de-tuned. It’s most likely that it will push more than 400 horsepower which is atleast a 15 hp increase from the previous GT4. In comparison to its predecessor, the 718 Cayman GT4 is expected to have a reduction of weight which will help it be faster and more agile around the corners.

We can’t wait for the arrival of the “new” GT4 which will most likely be a great drivers car.

A big thanks to @Faheemo1 for the images and video.

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