A good friend of mine that goes by the name of @not_a_car_spotter recently came across the extremely rare Pagani Zonda F Clubsport in Sandton. This car does not come out very often and when it does it attracts a lot of attention. The 650hp beauty is believed to be valued at around R30 million. There’s 25 units of the roadster version and this particular one has “Cinque” bits on it.

It is often confused with the Cinque but the main distinction is the bonnet, the Cinque has a “square-shaped” exposed carbon, whereas this car has a “triangular-shaped” part of exposed carbon. This car also does not have the very distinctive “roof scoop” like the Cinque does.

I personally love this car and Horacio has definitely created a work of art. Its one of a best looking Zonda’s out there.

Be sure to check out the photo’s below by @not_a_car_spotter and check out her Instagram page as well.

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