A warm sunny day is the perfect excuse to take a supercar out for a cruise on the streets and this is exactly what two grandmothers did – all for the sake of creating a viral video.

With Audrey riding shotgun and Peggy grabbing the wheel, the two elderly ladies encountered their first world problem when they couldn’t find the reverse gear. Once the issue was overcome, the two of them hit the streets, in the mean-looking machine.

The next step involved rolling down the windows and waving tp people who were surprised to see the two grandmothers in the blacked-out Lambo, or “Ghini”, as Audrey likes to call it. “We’re Lamborghini queens!”, yelled the two ladies as they continued their joyride.

“Yeah, we could tear rubber!”, commented the two as they nabbed all the attention. Inevitably, some camera lenses were pointed at the Italian-stallion and some more yelling and laughing kicked in.

Lamborghini’s limited practicality surfaced after the women did some errands and they were looking for the boot in the rear: “It’s not a trunk, that’s the horses!”, said Peggy, before a man showed up asking if they have enough room in the car for him too.

How would you react if you saw an old lady getting out of a supercar to do some groceries?

All from www.carscoops.com

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