One of my favourite’s, The McLaren 675LT

As most people know, I am a huge McLaren enthusiast. Yesterday, I went to visit Daytona and to my surprise, I seen the 4th 675LT in South Africa.

Not only is it only mind-blowingly fast, but it also has a very seductive styling. The 4 point harness, roll cage and Alcantara interior looks absolutely stunning. The stitching is done in a really great looking orange. Every panel and every part looks amazing, especially in the detail in the headlight marking 675LT. This specific 675LT is coated in McLaren’s special Silica White paint and has Stealth Ultra-Lightweight Forged 10 Spoke wheels with orange calipers to make it even hotter. The amount of carbon this car has is amazing.

The Carbon Fibre panels include a combination of visual Carbon Fibre End Plates, Lower Side Intake and Rear Bumper Upper. This car looks absolutely magnificent from the Carbon Fibre mirrors to the bright orange seat belts.

What does 675LT stand for/mean?

  • 675 – Horsepower (PS)
  • LT – Long tail, like the F1 GTR Long Tail

The 675LT is the lightest, the most powerful and the fastest model in the Super Series.

The R7 million supercar is no joke. It has 497kw and 700nm of torque which allows this bad boy to do 0-100km/h in a blistering 2.9 seconds. With a twin turbo V8 heart and a top speed of 330km/h this car will absolutely dominate any car that comes in its way. Thanks to its optimised weight of 1230kg and the new suspension system that has been engineered for even sharper responses.

Inside the dealership

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