Toyota currently holds a 51.2% stake in Daihatsu and is considering on taking full control of Daihatsu for $3.1 billion.

Toyota is interested in purchasing the rest of the small manufacturer in its attempts to capitalise on rising demand for small cars in India and a number of other rising economies. Additionally, taking full control of the firm would it to slash procurement costs.- Carscoops

Toyota said: “We are constantly considering a number of possibilities relating to Daihatsu, such as partnerships or business restructuring, including making the company a fully owned subsidiary.”

Christopher Richter said: “I can easily see the Daihatsu brand used in the same way that VW uses Skoda or Renault uses Dacia or Nissan uses Datsun: as a low-cost, sub-premium brand to the core brand.”

Scource: Carscoops

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