The McLaren 675LT is a special car on its own, all 500 coupes and all 500 spiders that will be produced are already sold out. McLaren designers are always impressing us with there new special editions. McLaren just unveiled a rather special 675LT at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept.

The reason they used the extremely sport-focused 675LT which is a pre-production model and that production had not started on the model as of the time that the concept started to be built.

This special 675LT prototype has JVCKENWOOD technology along with some racing inspired Formula-1 touches to celebrate the brand’s 25 years in the racing series.

In collaboration with the well known Japanese electronics company, JVCKenwood, and set about installing a ‘Caroptronics’ system. The ‘Caroptronics’ system includes an advanced head-up display that shows vital information, and can even highlight the presence of other vehicles.

Most of it is concentrated in the HUD display and the aerodynamic wing mirrors being replaced with thin, low-drag cameras. The rear view mirror has also been replaced with a digital rearview monitor, giving a wider field of view that is unobstructed. The monitor for viewing this camera has been integrated into the headliner above the windscreen.

The center console has been removed and a Formula One style steering wheel replaces the standard steering wheel. The steering wheel is a flat, button-covered weapon borrowed from the McLaren P1 GTR, with head-up display (HUD) controls replacing IPAS and DRS buttons. The conventional instruments, center console, as well as the air conditioning system in the dashboard have been removed and a carbon fiber-framed vent to provide cool air for the driver was added in. The missing instrument cluster is replaced with a  HUD display on the lower windscreen. The designers used mostly black interior with orange (McLaren’s corporate color) and a grey trim.

The dashboard, upper door panels, and knee-knock area of the central tunnel is covered in a stunning Carbon Black Nappa Leather. A new fabric called Geometric Black Technical with a “waxy grained finish” to be non-reflective is used around the driver’s visual space from doors to the dash.

The exterior of the JVCKenwood Concept has few apparent changes to denote it from other 675LT’s. The JVCKenwood model has silver racing stripes from the front bonnet, over the roof, and finishing at the Longtail Airbrake as well as along the sides.

There are no apparent mechanical changes to the 675LT JVCKenwood concept, not that any were necessary. The car packs 666bhp (497kw) and 700nm of torque which allows this bad boy to do 0-100km/h in a blistering 2.9 seconds. With a twin turbo V8 heart and a top speed of 330km/h this car will absolutely dominate any car that comes in its way.

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