McLaren Automotive has released the news that they’ve started the production of the new Sport Series. The first model that will leave the factory is the 570S Coupé together with the cheaper 540C Coupé.

I attended the launch of the 570s on the 10th of September and I must that the 570s is spectecular.  With a weight of 1313kg this new McLaren will push 317kw and 600nm of torque and does 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds. In a brief 9.5 seconds you can reach 200 km/h and with a top speed of 328 km/h.

I had a seat inside it and its very comfortable and practical with better daily usability. Which makes it great to use it as a daily driver as well as a track car. McLaren gives you more options for adjustments in the interior with the 570S. You can now choose between Alcantara, leather or carbon fiber for the interior. You can also upgrade the sound system with a speaker system by Bowers & Wilkins with 12 speakers and a total power of 1280W.

Pricing will be between R3.2 million and R3.5 million, which I feel is absolutely worth it.

This 570S Coupé is the first model that will be introduced in the Sports Series and will be followed by a 540C, 570S Spider and 570GT. It absolutely brilliant for such a small and cheap supercar.

Thanks to the CEO of Daytona Group, Justin Divaris and Pedro for inviting me over.

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