I posted a few teaser images of the DB9 GT on my Instagram page a few weeks ago but I recently got the go ahead to show the full images.

The DB9 GT is the most elegant and stylish from every Aston Martin I’ve seen. Featuring subtle new touches to highlight its famously seductive styling, the DB9 GT is extremely magnificent from its unique styling to its power.

The DB9 GT features a rear mid-mounted ‘Touchtronic 2’ six-speed transmission with electronic shift-by-wire control system.

I was extremely impressed with the brilliant styling in the interior. Featuring luxurious fluted leather seats, evocative GT badging, and a sweeping waterfall fascia with intuitive new AMi II infotainment system.

The DB9 GT pushes 540 bhp in a 6.0-litre V12 engine at 6,750 rpm doing 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds totaling out at 295 km/h. That’s impressive.

The entire car is crafted with attention to every detail, making it so perfect.

I was lucky enough to see this magnificent piece of machinery before the launch, Thanks to Jash from Aston Martin SA.

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